Start Saving from Day One!

Did you know your water coolers and vending machines may be wasting hundreds of dollars a year? Per-unit! Powerdown™ can save over 70% on water cooler and vending machine electricity costs. How exactly do Powerdown work? It’s a really simple concept. If you can stop it, you can manage it! Plug the PowerDown into the electrical outlet, set the hours during which you want to have hot or chilled beverages, plug the machine into the PowerDown and you are on your way to saving.

Is it easy to use? It couldn’t be any easier! Simple buttons on the PowerDown allow you to program the time of day you want to have chilled beverages. Power down machines during the evening hours and on the weekends. Simply program the PowerDown to start about a half hour before you want to have chilled beverages and to powerdown at the end of the work day. Your associates will never notice the difference, exсept for the cool new gadget!

Just imagine your savings if you operate multiple or even hundreds of coolers and vending machines! Stop using energy when you don’t need to! And start saving money from day one. Calculate how much you will save using PowerDown go to calculator

One Year Water Cooler PowerDown Savings

: 21,000
: 7,665,000
: 1,149,750
: 11,804,100
: 741
: 682

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