Start Saving from Day One!

Water coolers and vending machines can be wasting hundreds of dollars a year per unit! Adding a Powerdown™ timer can save you up 70% on water cooler and vending machine electricity costs. Our timer manages the times and days that your appliances are active and using energy. Plug the PowerDown into the electrical outlet, set the hours during which you want to have hot or chilled beverages, plug the machine into the PowerDown and you are on your way to saving!

Simple interface and instructions let you schedule your PowerDown with ease. PowerDown timers also come with a grounded outlet for use in the kitchen or on a water cooler and the high capacity of our product means you can control more than most other timers!

This device is ideal for homeowners and renters as well as commercial business owners and managers. Stop using energy when you don’t need to and start saving money from day one. Calculate how much you can save at our online calculator!

One Year Water Cooler PowerDown Savings

: 21,000
: 7,665,000
: 1,149,750
: 11,804,100
: 741
: 682

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